Tips to protect your kidney


Nearly half of people with diabetes develop kidney damage, so it is significant regular monitoring of blood sugar levels in the blood to check your kidney function with the help of doctors and drugs. If detected early it can protect your  kidney injure due to diabetes.

Control Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the most ordinary cause of kidney damage. This, combined with other factors such as diabetes, high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease is especially dangerous to the kidney. The level of normal blood pressure is 120/80, 120/80 and 129/89 between is considered prehypertension and 140/90, you need to visit the doctor.


Renal Healthy diet and weight management

Eat healthy and keep weight helps prevent diabetes, heart disease and other factors associated with chronic renal disease. Reduce salt intake recommended sodium intake is 5-6 grams (1 teaspoon) of salt a day.

Drink water

Moderate consumption of water, about 1.5-2 liters per day may reduce the risk of deterioration of renal function. It is important to note that the appropriate level of fluid intake for any individual depends on factors such as gender, exercise, climate, health conditions, pregnancy and lactation.

No smoking

The snuff is a risk factor for cardiovascular and kidney is a cardiovascular organ, which is also affected. Smoking also increases by 50% the risk of kidney cancer. We hope you will be helpful by this tips to protect your  kidney.