Tips to prevent stress kills you


Some people have become so accustomed to living stressed that when they have a moment of peace seeking a reason to go back to its usual state of stress does not do so consciously, but something Machine on them. However, stress is considered harmful effects on our health. Today we give you some ideas that stress does not kill you, will you continue reading?

If you are angry, do not say anything

It can be hard getting used to, but certainly much healthier than act from the desire of anger do or say something wrong or wrong which we later regret and we cause more stress.

prevent stress kills you

It is no use worrying

I agree, it is easy to say but not do but it is one more thing we have to incorporate to keep stress affects us not only mentally, but also makes it physically. Stress and worry are often conducive to unenthusiastic thoughts and behaviors that will only bring the same consequences terrain.

Do not be so self-demanding

Why do not you treat yourself as you do with your friends? This is something that we often do, other are lenient and understanding, but with our own being we behave harshly punish ourselves and we do not forgive anything. In the end, all this causes even more stress, discomfort, anxiety, guilt and many emotions that are ideal for fall ill at the least expected time.

Breathe deeply

Yes, when you are angry you feel like breaking everything, no breathing however, if you managed to make the habit you would see how beneficial it is. Concentrate on your breathing for a few minutes, place your hands on your chest, and slow deep breathing several times.

Do not repress

If you swallow emotions, feelings or words you want to say you only get sick. Of course, if you yell at your boss whatever you think of him and that is not nice way for most likely run out of work. However, why not stay with all that feeling inside, looking for a way to channel for example, uses a punching bag and hard while you scream all you want to say pelage.

Laugh more

It costs nothing, is free, and prevents diseases. Laughing is good for improving mood and relieves illnesses such as despair and anxiety and, of course, takes you away from stress. It is a very fit way to save you big or little squares of stress there are things we can not change because it is not in our hands to do it, then does it make sense to ruin your health for it?