Syrian Migrant Becomes a Millionaire in London With Uber


Here’s a story all Syrian migrants running away from home can look up to for hope.

Mohammed Abdul al-Zawahiri arrived in London as a Syrian migrant just 3 months back, and has since then developed a thriving business of a fleet of over 25 Uber taxi drivers. Revealing his story to the East London Herald, Mohammad says that his present income is more than £200,000 each month. It took him just 3 months to become a millionaire.

“I took a gamble, and it has paid off. United Kingdom is the greatest place on earth to start from scratch”. Technology has certainly helped me, he admits.

Mohammed Abdul was forced to flee as ISIS jihadists took his home town of Al Mayadin. The man had to flee so quickly that he couldn’t even take his 4 wives and 11 children with him. Back home, he used to be a sheep herder. But now, he is earning 1,000 times more.

Mohammed has just purchased a Lamborghini, visibly satisfied with the unexpected turn of events.

He started driving immediately after arriving in London. Soon enough, he started employing other migrants as taxi drivers who like him has run away from home to escape the jihadists. In 3 months, he has managed to employ more than 20 Uber taxi drivers. “I lend them a car and give them a job and give them 10% of the profits. Without Uber, they would still be poor homeless refugees”.

London is a great city as I can practice my Muslim faith without fear of prosecution, he says. He has even donated £300,000 for the construction of a mosque in the city.

Mohammed has certainly been busy in the last 3 months. He now has 3 new wives in London. One of them is bearing his child.

“But I think of my wives and children back home every day and pray for them”, he adds, before driving off in his new £250,000 Lamborghini.