The Secret to French Pressing Coffee Like a Pro


The elegant and simple French press is making its way back into the mainstream and mastering this old world technique for your morning cup of coffee is a must. It’s not always the easiest to achieve the rich, aroma-filled cup of roasted coffee you wish for because the French Press technique tends to be a little temperamental. However, if you follow these easy steps, there’s no way you won’t be pressing perfect cups of coffee every morning!

Assemble Your Tools

Coffee 1

To make the perfect French Pressed coffee you’re going to need the perfect tools to accomplish that. The best route to go is glass rather than plastic, as plastic tends to absorb odors such as coffee oils, soap from cleaning or other herbal infusions you’ll use the device for that won’t go well with coffee.

Prepare the Grounds

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In order to avoid unwanted odors, make sure to buy whole coffee beans and grind them just before you brew. If you’re not an expert grinder err on the side of a medium grind because a fine ground coffee can turn into sludge at the bottom of your cup. Not appealing.

Ideal Proportions

Consistently good coffee requires a consistent ratio of grounds to water. The ideal is to keep your grounds to 7 percent of the weight of the water. That translates to 70 grams of grounds for every 1000 grams of water or 2.4 ounces of grounds for every 34 ounces of water. Find the ratio you like best, and stick to it.

Brew Time

Now its time to add your measured grounds to the French press. Heat the water just to the point of boiling and pour it over the grounds, saturating them evenly. Give the coffee a stir and set a time for four minutes.

Silky, Not Silty

Coffee 3

As soon as you hear your timer buzz, don’t plunge to the coffee just yet. Wait and skim off all those fine specks floating on the top of the water. This gives you a cleaner brew.

Take the Plunge

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Martha Stewart

Now it’s finally time to press down on that plunger, pour yourself a beautiful cup of coffee and enjoy your breakfast!