Scientific Ways To Study Smart


So many students are given assignments to submit, projects to work on and tests to study. Added to these are activities and chores.

To live a successful life requires hard work and good grades. And for good grades, you need to study hard. But when other activities are mixed with school activities, how do you get things fixed and still study hard?

You can follow these steps to study smart:

Do this to learn a specific topic

For a topic you are taught, read the class notes and text book, you can also search the topic online for more knowledge. Learn to use a different method every time you review the topic.

Try to learn the same information in another way

When you pick a particular topic to read, try to read and learn it in various ways. Make use of different approach when learning that particular topic. You will be able to understand the topic more easily when you learn in different methods.

Stop cramming but read to understand

Don’t read and store them in your short term memory; this can be dangerous because you may eventually forget on the day of exam. Read to understand, ensure you read to the extent that you will be able to translate the topic in various ways.

Always sit at the front of the class

Make sure you are always sitting at the front of the class, those who sits in the front row assimilate better because they are closer to the teacher. They also get good marks because they understand better and can put down whatever they are taught. You tend to concentrate more when you sit at the front.

Focus on just one thing

You cannot do two things at the same time, especially when it comes to studying; it cannot be mixed with another activity. So, try to stay away from TV while reading, you cannot do these two things together. Always keep away your smart phone and turn off the internet access.

Use your notes to study instead of a laptop

Make use of your note and not your laptop anytime you want to study. Your laptop can be a distraction, so keep it away and focus on your notes.

Test yourself frequently

For you to achieve success in your academic career, you need to constantly test yourself. You can give yourself an assignment and submit within short time. You can also give yourself a test, score yourself and make corrections where necessary.


As a student who needs to combine study and other activities, you may find this difficult to do. But if you go through the above points, you will learn how to study smart and excel in your academic career.