Remedies for foot rubbing


Hello friends today we will tell you some ideas about the solution for foot rubbing.Plants to cure chafing of the feet. If you have touched, original shoes or those that you have not used can relieve irritated skin with these natural remedies for foot rubbing with healing herbs. To soften an original or hard heel shoe with Vaseline should spread shoe skin and moisturize the skin of your feet in the gall. If it is too late and you have, left scratches on the feet cure these natural remedies foot rubbing with healing herbs, as disinfectant and soothing aloe Vera, chamomile and thyme.

Aloe vera

The aloe vera plant has a high stimulating and healing power for foot rubbing. Open aloe leaf in half and used the gel directly to the wound or abrasion. You can aloe vera plant at home. This very good natural remedies.

foot rubbing


Plant Chamomile is anti-inflammatory and disinfectant. Gall applied concentrated chamomile tea with clean cotton or gauze. It is one of the best way to remedies for foot rubbing.


Finally you could apply this tips. Thyme is antiseptic power plant, effectual for foot rubbing in curing rubbing washing the wound with a concentrated infusion of thyme. Enlacing diluted 20 drops of thyme oil in 60 ml of water and applied to the wound.