Natural Remedies for Gastritis


Remedies to ease the discomfort and speed recovery of injured stomach gastritis. The alcohol may produce unpleasant consequences hours as gastritis. Acidic substances and alcohol itself produce small swellings in the stomach wall or add to the production of gastric juices. In order to rest, the stomach recovers faster or semi-liquid food outlet and never acids. Aim these natural solutions analgesic effects.

Remedies for Gastritis

Apple juice for gastritis

Remedy: Before breakfast strips, cleans and liquefies an apple. Take the juice accompanied by a semi breakfast. How does it work? Apple juice neutralizes and absorbs acids. Analgesic also show certain effect, such that the pain and reduces moleskins quickly.

Chamomile tea for gastritis

Remedy: create put a cup of water to boil, infusion adding one teaspoon of dried chamomile (or two bags) and let stand a few minutes. Take the concentrated infusion fasting to wake up you may repeat infusion on one occasion or twice throughout the day, for example, in food and dinner. How does it work? Chamomile has analgesic, antacid and antiseptic effects against germs.

Semi Breakfast for gastritis

Remedy: If you have an appetite you can have a glass of soymilk, rice or oatmeal with toast with honey, royal jelly or alone. You can also drink an infusion of mint, sage, mallow or chamomile or tomato juice, apple or carrot.

How does it work? A semi Breakfast avoids overworking the stomach and the production of gastric juices is rather scarce. In addition, carrot, apple, chamomile and sage neutralize gastric acid preventing irritation of the stomach wall and burning sensation.

Potato juice for gastritis

Remedy: Before Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner liquefied medium potato take the juice obtained. How does it work? The potato juice neutralizes acids and gastric juices and reduces inflammation of the stomach wall.