Music As Brain Therapy!!


Music is not just a medium to enjoy with beats or bass. Rather it has some dynamic characteristics due to which it can be used as a therapy to deal with our moods and emotions. It has a potential to touch our soul which otherwise is almost impossible. As a therapy, music is used to make our life better. More towards some technical viewpoints, music can potentially be intertwined with our minds and helps to make us feel relaxed and calm with that inner peace which cannot be provided externally. It not only soothe our souls but has some tremendous effects on the brain functioning.

As it can intervene with our mind, it has the potential to change our moods and emotions and can impede the brain damaging depression and anxiety that are the continual source of bad moods and frequent mood swings and tantrums. Whether you need help socially, emotionally, developmentally, music is the best and the wisest options to rely upon.  If you want to use music in the therapy, all you need is a good taste of music and a professional with an approved music therapy program.

It is said that there is all in the brain. So brain responds to music or music therapy in various ways. Some of those ways start with the core brain functioning which can react to the rhythmic patterns of the music. These rhythmic patterns can be processed in the form of waves that will excite the brain areas to send out some happy hormones i.e. dopamine; a neurotransmitter that will make your mood happy so that you can enjoy the music and feel good. It is termed as the entrainment in which our motor system of brain matches the beat and rhythm of music and makes you moves and sway on the beat. One can respond in the way by the tapping of feet, nodding head, shrouding shoulders or by humming the rhythm of the music. All of this can makes you happy and can change your mood in no time.

Apart from mental responses towards music, our body can physiologically respond to music too. In this reference, you will experience a quick chill down your spine in combination with increased heart rate and breathing pattern. It is how you are going to relax physiologically under the influence of music. Music can interact with your emotions by making you feel happy or sad from the lyrics. Due to this reason, it can be used to amend your emotional system and by rehabilitating your emotional swings to a normal and controlled level.

It is all planned and structured, and our brain likes his disciplined nature of music. It can be witnessed that the structured rhythm of music can make us happy and lively and contrary to it an unstructured or disheveled piece of music is regarded as noise. So if it pleases you, it is affecting you deep down and can help you to come out from your shell and breath in fresh air and makes you look towards the bright side of nature and the conventional world waiting for you to explore it with enthusiasm.