Lung cancer is curable if detected early


Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in relation to gender is the second in men and fourth in women. Less than five percent of cases are diagnosed at early on stages with curability so that most patients already have metastatic i.e. the disease is spread to additional organs and if a treatment is started, there is little expectation of cure. The following description we will describe cause of lung cancer and how to be saved from it.

lung cancer

Because of this, it is very important that primary care physicians make a timely diagnosis because when lung cancer is detected early and proper treatment is performed in more than half of the cases no chance of cure. However sometimes the diagnosis is not easy because most of the symptoms are attributed to other conditions.

The mainly important risk reason for developing lung cancer risk is active smoking. Lung cancer has increased by more than 25 percent in recent years, especially in women due to risk factors other than smoking. Approximately 67 percent of women detected with lung cancer in Mexico, are nonsmokers, but developed the disease as a result of inhalation of cigarette smoke second hand (passive smoking), having suffered pulmonary tuberculosis, exposure to asbestos, pollution environmental or exposure to wood smoke that is very common in our country.

It is estimated that each year about eight thousand cases of lung cancer in Mexico are presented, and only 5 percent of patients are cured, due to late detection. In this situation, the Ministry of Health educates the public to see a doctor regularly for routine studies that show in general that your body is healthy, otherwise, timely and attention is given to early make.

It is also tackling the challenges posed by the significant increase in the number of cases of lung cancer worldwide are projected. This presents great difficulties for the high costs of medical care and treatment. Therefore, elucidating the causes and developing effective avoidance strategies are essential components of cancer control.

In recent decades, there have been major advances on the biological behavior of tumor cells, which things to see the opportunities for prevention, early detection and lays the foundation for the development of new treatments. This integrated and complementary approach reflects not only a duty of care to patients of lung cancer today, but also a duty of care to the next generation to release the maximum amount that could be affected by this disease people.

In this context and in the framework of the celebration of the World Day of Lung Cancer, the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases Ismael Cosio Villegas, the National Cancer Institute, and the Civil Association Breathing Valor, organize Refresher Course in Lung Cancer.