How to protect the skin from pollution


Ever you ever thought how pollution affects the health of your skin. If this has not happened to you over the head you should know that more than time premature aging is given by environmental factors to which we are exposed each day and at all times. There is a close relationship between skin deterioration and contamination and infect it is believed that this might give details why today people have to fight aging from an earlier age.

While the naked eye we can distinguish in the air there are particles of smoke, dust, fog or industrial chemicals among others the skin absorbs altering cell function and reducing their aptitude to regenerate. Added to this they also depiction us to a greater or lesser extent to the UV rays of the sun that make free radicals in the body, which cause cell, damage and increase the risk of cancer. The best way to prevent early wrinkles environmental factors is to avoid prolonged contact to places where contamination is concentrated as well as sun protection.

protect the skin

Also as a preventive measure also you can take a daily routine of care to decrease the impact of the environment and stimulate regeneration. Proper cleaning is the first step to remove harmful particles and any dirt that accumulates in the skin. Those who are aware that they are exposed to more pollution should consider the habit of double cleansing that is to first clean the skin surface and then do it in the deep end.

How to do it

  • Every day when I get home the first thing you must do is use a particular makeup remover to remove all those beauty products covered in face during the day.
  • Once the entire face is clean a good idea is to use a natural tonic to create a more thorough cleaning.
  • Do not forget to read home cleaning to rejuvenate facial skin.


The scrubs are designed to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the repair of that layer is exposed to contamination. Although it is so beneficial, its use should not be done on a regular foundation since too much can alter the pH of the skin.

How to do it

  • Ideally, do it in the shower, to affect the product all over the body and then rinse.
  • In the market there are a lot of exfoliating products that can help, but you can go for option options.
  • An idea.
  • Mix two tablespoons of sugar with coconut oil and rub all over the body with gentle circular movements.
  • Increase use of antioxidants.
  • Increase-the-consumption-of-antioxidants.