Healthy alternatives to Christmas desserts


Here we want to do some tricks for Christmas a date that do not increase weight. The consumption of sweets increases considerably at this time of year and therefore our cure a serious risk weight. To solve this we simply choose healthy alternatives to traditional Christmas candy. We will propose some healthy alternatives digestive and particularly since excess refined sugars and fats build, our digestion is much heavier.

Healthy alternatives

The fruit is very good quality at looking for  healthy alternatives. It is a sweet food will give us plenty of benefits such as minerals or vitamins and fiber high doses necessary to achieve a perfect intestinal transit. Therefore, the alternatives that we are going to propose will heart on this food and its possibilities. The following fruits are very good for health.

Carpacho fruit

First, we will suggest performing carpachos fruit. Therefore, we can opt for pineapple or apple, or both. The carpaccio is simply to make thin slices of fruit can be used alone or sprinkled with orange juice or a few drops of something sweet and normal as honey.

Fruit Kabobs

The fruit skewers are another alternative that we consider, is that it is a very healthy choice to end a holiday meal. The ideal is to accompany them with yogurt or jam to improve their sweetness and dessert feeling much higher.

Fruit Sorbet

Make homemade fruit sorbets is another good alternative to get a good Christmas dessert, and we can select fruits like strawberries, mango. What we will do is freeze and prepare ice cream mixing with cold yogurt or yogurt. What we get what we can serve as dessert for the holidays.

Fruit compote

The fruit compote is always safe when serving a healthy alternatives and tasty dessert trick. What we do is cook fruits such as pear or apple with a little sugar or natural sweeteners. Once cooked, what we will crush you to serve them or can serve unground. So get a soft and sweet dessert equally.

Baked apples

Baked apples are another alternative for eating during the holidays. It is simply selecting apples to taste, put them in the oven, and leave until completely roasted. We can serve with sugar or honey to eat them for dessert.

Fruits in syrup

Fruits in syrup are a classic but keep in mind that despite being fruit contains high amounts of sugar we should not forget. Therefore, we need to know to choose well and control the amounts of sugars containing each of these desserts, but always it will be a lot better than any Christmas dessert full of fat option.