Floors to improve circulation


Floors to improve circulation remedies herbal stimulants which together with healthy habits, help, improve circulation and prevent cardiovascular disease. The cardiovascular diseases are caused by lack of exercise, obesity, diets rich in saturated fats snuff and high stress. Get better diet and exercise helps and herbal remedies that decrease levels of cholesterol and ease pressure. If you take any medication, consult your doctor.


Nettles mixture is an outstanding iron supplement in the treatment of anemia. It helps regulate blood pressure combined with hawthorn and lemon balm, and is a traditional remedy for varicose veins mixed with motherwort and royal crown cash circulatory stimulant and vasodilator that exerts an anti-cholesterol act. You can take ginger powder dissolved in hot water, in tincture or capsules to relieve cold hands and feet, and contribute to the treatment of atherosclerosis.

improve circulation

Hawthorn plant to improve circulation spine

Used traditionally as a tonic for the heart and circulation, hawthorn helps regulate heart speed and blood pressure. Take as infusion, tincture or capsules. Combined with Melissa and hawthorn tea or tincture, the alulae reduce hypertension and arteriosclerosis is. Dip a cotton pad in cold dilute tincture or infusion to stop nosebleeds. Flowers small leaf linden help diminish stress and tension associated with hypertension, and is used to strengthen the arteries and relieve headaches resulting from hypertension. It is often combined with hawthorn and takes infusion or tincture.

Circulatory tonic traditionally used to strengthen the heart, reduce varicose veins and prevent arteriosclerosis. Combine with Melissa infusion to prevent headaches resulting from hypertension. Tonic Chinese believed that seeks a very long life. Its berries, star ingredients in the West, are a tonic for the circulatory scheme and blood, and relieve dizziness, tinnitus or tinnitus by shocks or sounds are perceived in the ear without coming from any external source.