Fix the destruction of the body


The Western lifestyle unsettles our body. Offices and computers fill rehabilitation centers with painful back spasms. In the same centers turned into rags for car accidents bodies are recomposed. Drug addiction is a disease much more pronounced in developed countries, forced to open detox centers to save sufferers. The data show that both health harms are more prevalent in countries with greater purchasing power. The comforts of modern life causes the muscles holding the skeleton will become more lax. It is the breeding earth for the activity in offices and long hours at the computer cause muscle spasms.

destruction of the body

The stress of the rapid pace of Western life does the rest. Rehabilitate the body that does not go to the gym to strengthen the muscles relax and usually end in the hands of masseurs and therapists. Small rehabilitation centers staffed by ‘physios’ multiply. More than 2,000 people die each year by traffic accidents the number of injured exceeds the tragic figure of 100,000 people. Strokes as stroke or strokes terribly put the figure. In there are over 300,000 patients undergoing orthopedic rehabilitation and for damages of neurological origin.

Centers prestigious Heart, cancer and road are the famous three ‘ces’ that lead the deaths of more developed countries. The human debris left alive to regroup in rehabilitation centers represent a drama rarely shown. Some have to learn to walk or talk and other quadriplegics remain. This type of patients is treated in rehabilitation centers in large hospitals. They are recognized Chiron Hospital of Barcelona and the University Clinic of Navarra, well equipped technically and professionally.

The Chiron is famous for its attention to athletes. Germany excels in the treatment of physical rehabilitation. You could say that our first three ‘tops’ are German, if not because the former is installed ​​but by a German. Is Guttman Institute, which rehabilitates injured spinal cord by acquired brain damage or other major neurological disability? The network Menni, has excellent facilities for rehabilitation of brain damage. Overcoming dependencies, Data of the drugs are even more tragic.

The profile of a young drug addict is 32-36 years old, sick, and unemployed, but the problem is spreading especially in the middle of the young and women. Socially inserted addicts are not counted, but their number increases even more than the socially excluded. The best centers to overcome dependencies are in the United States. They are top luxury facilities and therapists. They are characterized by their discretion to avoid harassment of the media to their VIP patients.