A Complete Guide to Parenting


A good parent is basically one who makes the best choice instead of the wrong one for a child. A good parent realizes that hundreds of factors add to and shape the personality of a developing human being. In any case, there are only three basic things needed to be a great parent. These things are: Love, Independence and discipline.

LOVE – Among the three basic requirements, LOVE is the most critical. Also, it is extraordinary in the sense that there can never be too much love. Too much discipline and too much independence can be hurtful at times.

Most parents feel this type of affection for their kids, but don’t know how to express it successfully. These points could help:

  • Praise your child more. Parents generally respond positively to a decent report card or to the good deed of a child. This is just fine – as long as these achievements are being loved and praised by you, the child will continue to remain happy. In most cases, a child should receive praise even when he is delivering nothing.
  • Communicate your affection. It is insufficient to feel love; you should make your child understand your love for him or her. You can do this by showing how much you care about him

DISCIPLINE is very important because we live in a composed society where, if you have not learn life’s necessities at a very tender age, you will be taught later by strangers who do not care how much harm they do to your personality.

“Discipline” and “punishment” are not related. Punishments relates to getting back at someone for a wrong doing by hurting them. Discipline shows an action directed toward an objective. You discipline a child with the goal of helping him improve.

INDEPENDENCE – The third factor necessary to be a good parent is to make sure your children are independent. The idea of independence is such that:

  • It can’t be forced. A child will naturally figure out how to make choices all alone when he is prepared.
  • It shouldn’t be smothered. The little child must stumble and fall several times before he learns to walk well. The child must endure the hatred of his associates when he dresses inappropriately for school.
  • In areas that would bring about permanent harm to the kid, it must be restricted. Perhaps an ideal way to put it is that the youngster should be allowed to make minor errors of judgment- – however not permitted to exterminate himself.

Give away your love to your children, and you will get back more love than you can encompass. Discipline your kids to identify reality, and in doing so you will improve your own understanding. Welcome your child’s independence and you will be supported by the strength you’ve helped the children attain.