Bottle or Breast?


In a situation that we needed to pick between the artificial and natural, undisputed, we choose the natural item unless the artificial one has certain properties. Nature has prepared womankind with ready-made milk when they give birth to a child. This was the only choice for the early people. Since there was no rearing of dairy cattle and no way to feed the newborn child with milk, the breast milk was important and so it was rewarded to women. But with eras passing by, people turned out to be more civilized and created numerous things to make their lives comfortable. Alternative sources of milk then became more popular.

It has been considered for quite a long time that babies and mothers go into an exceptional bond while the baby is being fed. Several academics pediatric all around the world suggest feeding the baby for at least six months with breast milk is good for the baby

Below is a comparison of both breast milk and bottle milk to make the women choose the option that best suits them:

Advantages for the baby:

  • As it is generally known that breast milk gives the necessary nutrients to the infant as it is customized according to the child’s requirement and age.
  • The natural milk shields the baby from contaminations. The mother’s milk strengthens the immune system of the child.
  • Mothers transfer antibodies to the infant while feeding them which help developing a defensive wall against unknown diseases.

Advantages for mothers:

  • Nursing is much easier when compared to feeding with formula milk. You don’t have to prepare milk because mother’s milk is readymade.
  • Women who breastfeed their babies have low chances of getting ovarian or breast cancers.
  • The women who breastfeed have faster recovery post-delivery, and their uterus goes back to normalcy within six weeks thereby helping the mother to lose the baby weight as they lose many calories while feeding.
  • Women who breastfeed their child recovers faster from post-delivery and their uterus goes back to normal under six weeks; this helps the mother to lose weight because they lose more calories while feeding their baby
  • Breastfeeding can be utilized as a natural contraception strategy under some stipulated rules which is generally known as Lactational Amenorrhea Technique (LAM).

With the above factors, women need to decide on the effective method that is of great advantage to their kids after they might have considered the circumstances surrounding each method they choose. Since both the techniques have their own merits and demerits, any strategy picked should be trusted as the best method for the kid.