The best way to get white teeth


Every person likes to keep white teeth although the darkening of the teeth is a natural process that no one escapes, all we like to have white teeth. In addition, it’s no wonder. According to a recent study published in the journal Plos One, both men and women feel more attracted to public with whiter teeth. This preference reaches even affect our work: job applicants with white teeth are more likely to be employed than those with yellow teeth. The teeth of each person are, in origin a different color and, finally, all teeth become darker but there are elements that accelerate the process:

white teeth

  • The consumption of beverages like tea, coffee or red wine, and other foods high in dye
  • The snuff
  • Tooth decay, fillings, and tartar.
  • A cavity or a stroke that affects the nerves and blood vessels of the teeth
  • Some drugs, such as tetracycline, an antibiotic that is administered to children in the sixties
  • The options we have our teeth whitening

One need only watch a small television to realize that products that promise to whiten our teeth have much pull, but do they work? The whitening toothpastes and other products containing the same active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide , a chemical mix used as a bleaching throughout the industry and also used by dentists in their whitening treatments. What varies considerably from one product to one more is the attentiveness of this. These are the most common.


The whitening toothpastes usually contain between 1% and 1.5% hydrogen peroxide. This amount is enough to clean surface stains the enamel, but is useless against dirt that accumulates on the inside of the tooth (dentin and pulp), which is more difficult to remove. No matter how strong brushes, and you are constantly. If your teeth have accumulated no surface dirt (very probable from certain ages), you can not be detached using these products.

Gels and whitening strips

Gels and whitening strips that can be found in any pharmacy are more powerful than toothpaste and more expensive. Its hydrogen peroxide concentration is between 6% and 10%. Its result is more potent and manages to remove stains on microscopic cracks and nail holes, but if the soil is deeper, will fail to remove.

Remember that no toothpaste, gel, or strips are working in fillings because most effective, it should be careful when using them. If we apply the gel evenly or not we place ourselves strip in danger of bleaching a part of our teeth and no other, and this is approximately worse than having the yellow teeth. Remember that no toothpaste, gel, or strips are working in fillings, so we must be careful if we want the result is uniform.

Whitening dentist

All clinics offer cosmetic dental whitening treatments far more effective teeth as mentioned above, but also much more expensive. There are two main methods, which are often combined:

Cold light teeth whitening

This is a treatment in which the query applied to teeth dentist peroxide nitrogen at a concentration of up to 35% , then applying what is known as cold light to enhance their effect. Cold light acts directly on the triggers that are in the gel treatment, increasing the oxygen delivery capacity and therefore bleaching properties.

Whitening splint

This treatment is often applied before or after the session cold light. The dentist takes a denture mold client created and manufactured as sheaths in which the same whitening produce is applied for two weeks.

This treatment usually leaves very white teeth. Although professionals are responsible for everything goes well, we must be careful not to spend whitening teeth, because excessive use of hydrogen peroxide could end up leaving translucent teeth with a blue or gray hue that is almost as distasteful as yellowing.